Peyronie’s – Curved Penis

Peyronies "Disease"
Examples of Classic Peyronies

Many men have a curve. It’s perhaps one of the most common complaints men have when it comes to their dick after the length or girth.
The official name is Peyronie’s Disease, although it is not actually a disease.

It’s a condition that some argue occurs naturally, while some believe it is caused by tissue damage.
I personally have a curve to the left, and I don’t know when I noticed it. It certainly wasn’t over night, which leads me to believe that this condition is a natural one and is not related to activities or “damage” caused.

But, regardless of the causes or the name, you should know the following…

  • It is not a Disease and it’s not contagious
  • Millions of men experience a curve of the penis in one direction or another
  • Extreme cases affecting sex are very rare
  • The majority of curves do not adversely affect your sexual enjoyment or that of a partner
  • Peyronie’s does not continue. By this we mean that a curve doesn’t become more pronounced over time, as you age.
  • Only in extreme cases where a curve is severe enough to affect the practice of sexual enjoyment is surgery normally considered
  • Some men report that penis stretching devices also assist in “straightening” the penis

Curvature of the penis is not normally something to be concerned about. It is something that makes your dick your own, original and different. Just as one ear might be lower than another, or your right thumb wider than your left, it’s a small difference which contributes to you being one-of-a-kind.

If you are concerned about it, or you feel it is affecting your sexual, mental or emotional well-being, you should always visit your GP as a priority.
Yes, we know you’d feel weird about showing your dick to a doc, but he also has one you know, and it’s probably curved too!