Circumcision – Facts

The word Circumcision describes the act of surgically removing the foreskin from the male penis.

This is commonly performed for social and religious reasons.

It’s prevalence in mainstream American society is widely contributed to the work of John Harvey Kellogg – a proponent of abstinence and a supporter of the reduction of sexual enjoyment. He believed that masturbation was evil, and in his position of authority he instigated a wide abuse of children and adults, including the use of surgery, genital mutilation, torture and humiliation.

Quite simply, he was a religious nutcase in a position of authority. People believed and trusted him.

Unfortunately, a ghost of his unfounded and insane teaching remains to this day in the medical institutions of America, with circumcision still widely practiced under the falsehoods of his flawed and biased research. Why America has not moved on from this and paid attention to the data and statistics from countries which don’t carry out this unnecessary practice is anyone’s guess.

While many circumcised men claim that no sensation is lost due to circumcision, only those who have had the process performed on them as an adult can truly know of its affects. And even then, the loss of sensation for them will not equate to that of a male who was circumcised at birth or in childhood.

Many medical professionals who openly talk on the subject do support the idea that the flesh of the corona and meatus (the head of the penis) does indeed become desensitized over time. They support the notion that the foreskin acts as a glove to protect the surface  from friction and the nerve endings from becoming desensitized to touch.

And of course, you only have to see that John Harvey Kellogg began circumcising young men in a deliberate attempt to dramatically reduce pleasure. He even suggested that this should be done with no anesthetic, to allow for the pain to psychologically scar the individual.

While the vast majority of men who have been circumcised have been for absolutely no reason whatsoever, there are genuine cases where circumcision must be done. This is usually in extreme cases of phimosis, where the foreskin of the penis cannot be comfortably retracted to allow for cleaning and general bodily functions. This is usually diagnosed in young children and circumcision is performed under local anesthetic. The results of this vary depending on the person carrying out the procedure. Some practitioners cut the foreskin very close to the shaft of the penis, while some others will only perform a “partial” circumcision, removing just enough skin to allow for free movement.

In adults, while circumcision is still performed to rectify late-identified phimosis, there are also other modern methods which allow the male to retain his foreskin. These are generally based upon the methods of traction, or stretching. The foreskin is gradually stretched over time to become looser and able to be moved freely over the glands of the penis.

Ultimately, circumcision should only ever be considered an option for children or young adults if there is a genuine medical condition requiring it. But in some countries (like the USA) this is sadly not the case.

Adult men should, of course, have the freedom to do whatever they like to their genitals, medically required or otherwise.


Foreskin restoration is now absolutely possible thanks to the ingenuity of some individuals. With various methods available, men can now restore their foreskin almost completely within a year. With dedicated practice and attention, the penis can be restored to its more natural state, with sensitivity and sexual enjoyment increasing over time.

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  • Circumcision is a mutilation and sexual abuse of baby boys. It shouldn’t be performed at all in any new borns or children. It is should be the choice of the male after he has grown up.
    Nature made made perfect as it is, I see no reason, no logic to cut living breathing tissue off a male. I find it savage, primitive, almost canivalistic and completely unnecesarry.
    One can be deformed and scared for life.

    • I agree with your sentiment. Thankfully, in the UK this is actually quite rare. Most guys are left intact. But only yesterday I was answering a question on Yahoo answers by a guy experiencing problems getting his foreskin over the head, and he’d been advised by others to ASK for circumcision!
      Shocking that the ignorance of an “easy fix” is still promoted. There are other solutions that may take a little longer, but maintain the look, feel and sensitivity men are supposed to have.

      • A college classmate of mine had the same trouble you mentioned.
        Yet his doctor advised him to do so. My friend said his foreskin did not retract properly. I was shocked at this when he told me. At 27 years old he was cut. 🙁 He spent two weeks at home recuperating. There was pain and some minor bleeding.

        In my case it was the stupid decision of my father. None of my male relatives is circumsiced. I am the only one, and yes I was scared and deformed as a result. As a child I always wondered why my penis looked strange.
        Thus grew up thinking I was less than other males once I was old enough to realize what has been done to me. Is one of the things that I’ll never forgive my father for doing. In my case it’d be useless to restore due to the long scar that goes all the way to my scrotum.

        Europeans and asians are not into multilating their baby boys, or toddlers, but Americans, and the rest of the Western world are. They have been brainwashed by either medical propaganda and jewish religion that the foreskin is something unnecesary, antisanitary and evil.
        I repeat I believe is barbaric and almost canivalistic to cut a baby in such manner. I’m living the terrible consequences.
        Ironically the doctors and those in the other medical professions who are pro circumsicion are intact themselves. Hypocrites.

        • Thanks for commenting Eugenio.
          You might want to check out and this online document.

          If you feel you would benefit from foreskin restoration, you shouldn’t let the scar that is already there prevent you. In fact, there is every chance that stretching methods might even reduce this scare as the skin is stretched. I’ve seen some reports by men who were very closely circumcised and were left with a very prominent scar finding that it was almost invisible once they’d developed a stretched foreskin.

          Aside from that, appearance is certainly not everything, dicks look interesting in their variety. Yours is different from others, that’s all. It’ll still be different after restoration, but you’ll have a foreskin and more sensitivity as a result.

          Good luck in whatever you decide to do. And I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy our site in the future. I hope to do a more in-depth feature on foreskin restoration soon.

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