Tenga Air Tech masturbator cup

A must-have male sex toy – Air Tech Tenga Cup


I’m not sure if I’ve ever recommended a masturbator on the blog before, but I feel the need to after experiencing the Tenga Air Tech Reusable Masturbator and having the joy of reviewing one for another publication.

I’m not the kind of guy to rave about a product in the way I’m about to, but really there’s nothing negative that I can say about the Tenga Air Tech and what I experienced enjoying mine for the first time.

I should point out that this wasn’t the first time I’ve used any of their toys. Years ago I was given one of the first Cup designs they created, a disposable monstrosity that felt good but was far too expensive for a one-use experience.

It seemed rather ridiculous to be throwing away a masturbator that just cost you almost £20 after using it only once. As I understand it, there were many men out there washing them out and using them more than once, but the materials used didn’t lend themselves to any kind of durability and before long they would fall apart or start to smell awful.

I remember commenting at the time that the company would fail to get support outside of their native Japan unless they learned about the sexual habits and cultural aspects of men around the world. The main issue was that, in Japan, it’s common for men to masturbate with a disposable product and throw everything away. We in the west would find that wasteful and quite pointless.

Thankfully the company quickly learned and before long they were producing some of the most remarkable masturbators the world has ever seen.

At the time that Fleshlight was calming down after owning the Internet and becoming the most successful male sex toy ever created, Tenga was introducing us to the very first Flip Hole.

They found instant success with a new audience primed for more pleasure by Fleshlight, guys looking for something new and interesting to enjoy flocked to buy the new hottest item in male masturbation and the company saw incredible success because of it.

They didn’t see the multi-billion dollar success of Fleshlight, but they made waves around the world with the Flip Hole.

Now, with a vast knowledge of design they set to work on a new generation of Cup style masturbators and created several that gained acclaim. And so, we come to the Air Tech.

This is the latest style of masturbator from the famed company and it’s the result of painstaking design and development.

Tenga Air Tech masturbator cup
The Tenga Air Tech uses airflow within the masturbator to create suction

It’s compact, it has an incredible textured sleeve within (removable for easy cleaning), it’s durable for repeated enjoyment, and it has a special aspect that has impressed men all around the world…

It sucks.

Yes, it’s a small hand-held, compact masturbator that sucks your manhood.

When you’re looking at male sex toys that can suck you, you would normally be looking at something quite expensive, something with batteries and motors and perhaps even a pump of some kind. But, through their expert design, Tenga has managed to manufacture a masturbator that uses your own movement within the sleeve to force air out of the cup and create a sucking sensation within that really impresses.

As if this weren’t enough, the company then created the Vacuum Controller to fit over the Tenga Air Tech cups, which then allows you to control the power of the sucking within the toy to give you the feel and sensation you’re looking for.

So, why is this a recommended toy?

I’ll recap for you.

It’s a small, affordable, reusable male masturbator that does more than just slide up and down your manhood and apply ticking or ribbed pleasure. This is the first male masturbator I have found in this price range able to offer entirely new sensations. There are no others out there that I can see that manages to pack so much into such a simple and compact design.

If you’re a masturbation toy fan, or you just want something to make your solo pleasures a little more interesting, I would recommend you invest a few of those pennies in this excellent little toy and experience it for yourself.

I bought my Tenga Air Tech masturbator cup from BlokToys.co.uk. They have a good collection there and I am reliably informed by the staff that there are more about to be added to the shop.