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I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently and he had no idea when it comes to using lube. What I mean is, although men in the UK use a lot less lube than guys in the US (mainly because most UK guys are uncut) no one seems to have a clue about the health aspects and safety when it comes to using the right lube for the right purpose.

Did you know that using a silicone based lube damages silicone toys?

The next time you’re sliding into your favorite fleshlight and you feel the texture being sticky, or the inner texture of the toy not being as good as it used to be, check that bottle of lube you’re using and make sure it is water based!

My friend was actually asking me about the best lube to use for wanking, and I had to recommend Stroke 29.

I’ve used this for the last couple of years, and it really is the best lube I have found for wanking. But because it’s not water based, it is only really suitable for hand action, and should not be used for toys. But it really does offer some great pleasure when it comes to wanking fun!

In addition to using water based lube for toys, you really shouldn’t be using oil based lubes for penetrative sex either.

Did you know that the chances of infection increase with the use of oil based lubes? They’re great for a slippery wank, but they damage toys, and they can harbor all kinds of bacteria when you’re sliding your dick in and out of another person!

Many infections are caused by improper cleaning of toys, use of inadequate products, and the confusion between what lubes are suitable for what purpose.

As a general guide, you can use whatever you like for wanking, because your not sliding into anything other than your hand. With all toys I would only ever use a water based lubricant, because with wanking toys anything else can damage the material of the toy, and with invertible toys like butt plugs you can increase your chances of infection. And with penetrative sex I always look for a lube that states it is condom safe, and these are definitely not oil based.

So, if you’re sticking your cock into something other than your hand, always use water based lube.

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