The problem with the gay marriage debate is…


What the hell is going on with the debate about gay marriage?
The UK government is currently planning to introduce more equality in the marriage laws, recognising the rights of same-sex partners to be called “Married”.

I have no problem with this at all, but at the same time I don’t understand what the big deal is. As long as we have LEGAL equality, why are we so desperate to be in such a club?

Every religion (barring the Pagan faiths) has resolutely refused to move with the times. They have consistently promoted hatred, bigotry, separation and, basically, everything contrary to what they purport as a faith to promote.

These are the people who incessantly quote the Bible as a source of evidence, when it is in fact, just an idea. They consistently state that the “translation of the Bible” is what is important, while also suggesting that it is gospel and should be followed to the letter – as and when it suits their argument.

Personally, I say fuck these religious groups! Why do we suddenly want to be involved in this nasty business? By all means have faith, by all means follow your true beliefs, but why suddenly do we want to align ourselves with these people by seeking their approval? We never had their approval before, so forcing them to approve is not a positive move.

Ultimately, all of the faiths which refuse to move forward are doomed to fail. They fail to see that the world is moving, and they fail to understand that the youth are their next audience. The youth of today (in the vast majority) are accepting of same-sex partnerships. Many of them explore their sexuality openly and freely without that traditional stigma or guilt associated with religion. When was the last time you met a teenager who ever went to Church?

As we have seen in Egypt recently, the youth are a driving force of change, and their form of change is also amongst some of the harshest religious beliefs on the planet. Yet they successfully demand a future more in line with liberal and democratic views. Of course, it’s likely that their protest will be greater when their future leadership tries to drag its heels on liberal reforms, but they already have that goal in sight and are not likely to let it go so easily.

So if this is the opinion of the youth in a country previously ruled by a dictator with an Islamic backdrop, it’s clear that the future for strict, dogmatic and unmoving religious beliefs in a liberal country such as the UK are completely doomed to fail.

So, I say, let the religious have their day. Their day won’t last long. We are seeing Churches close all over the country as numbers dwindle and this is solely because they have refused to move with society.

As long as we are recognised as equal partners in the eyes of the law, let the religious flail and falter as they drown in their sea of hypocrisy. It’s already too late for them. Even if they capitulated today and started moving with the times, they are already centuries behind the rest of us. They have no audience to preach to.

In thirty or forty years the Church will be nothing more than a small group of ancient crones clinging to their book and preaching to a deaf audience about the “good old days”. The rest of us will be enjoying our ceremonies, ones where we truly recognise individuality and the love between two people, and we won’t even remember that once upon a time we wanted a church wedding.