Gay and in the Military, Why is it such a Big Deal?


So this is a simple post to ask you what YOU think about the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and it now being removed from the American Military Industry.

Personally, I’m wondering why it took America so long? I mean, this is a country which lords over all others going on and on about “freedom and liberty”, and yet they were so behind on the most basic ideas of equality!

I don’t want this to come across as an anti-American rant, but how can a nation claim to be so superior when it allows the genital mutilation of children, allows religious groups to control equality law and equal rights policy, allows corporations to infiltrate leadership and influence policy, and refused to allow gay people to serve their country openly and honestly?
Does the average American see the hypocrisy in this, or is it simply not noticed?

I’m glad to see America moving forward in this respect. But I am suspicious as to the motive for changing this law now.

So, come on, spill your thoughts and tell everyone what you think.