Man Peeking at other Man at Urinal

Urinal Curiosity?

Man Peeking at other Man at Urinal
37% of straight men peek in the mens room

Are you a Peeker, a Proud Poser or a Private Pisser?

We’ve probably all been there, either the “peeker” or the “peekee”.

Today I confront some of the statistics relating to mens room secrecy and exhibitionism.

In my preparation for starting the research for Seven Pints I was asked a couple of times to consider including questions about male behaviour in the mens room. Specifically, men seemed to be curious about whether OTHER men steal glimpses of guys, perhaps to learn if they were alone in their little peeking hobby.

Interestingly, 40% of straight guys have caught other men observing their penis in the mens room. And it didn’t worry them at all. In fact, 37% of straight men have become aroused when they’ve noticed other guys checking out their junk.

37% of straight men admit to looking too.

I find it interesting that so many find this environment sexually exciting or intriguing. But it should be noted that the figures for this also closely match those of questions asked about a locker room environment. So it seems that any opportunity to observe the penis of another man are appreciated in almost equal measure.

While we might expect that a urinal is not as sexually stimulating an environment as a locker room or shower, the opportunity to see another guys dick is clearly the main factor for these men, regardless of the environment or the activity.

The question of simple curiosity should also be explored here. Many of us feel the need to compare and assess our status against others. We need affirmation that we are normal, and observing the penis of another guy in such an environment is a good way to immediately perform this comparison.

There is also the quite humorous suggestion that peeking at other guys in the mens room can be like gawking at a car wreck on the motorway. We know we might not want to look, and we might see something we don’t want to, but that curiosity is extremely powerful. So we take a glance, all the while knowing that we shouldn’t or that we might not enjoy what we see. 🙂

Ultimately I think this is a normal practice. Men using a urinal have no real need for privacy, and many men it seems accept that the occasional peek is okay. It might be for sexual reasons, curiosity, or just a reflex that we can’t really control. But it’s clear that this practice is quite common.

Personally, It doesn’t bother me if guys check out my dick in the mens room or locker room. I have been guilty of the same. If I want privacy I’ll use a cubicle.

So, what’s your take on urinal peeking? Does it offend you? Are you a peeker? And if so, what’s your motivation?


  • I am straight, but I do peek too. I always thought it was just curiosity.
    I actually had a half-wank with a guy in a pub once after we both noticed the others dick. I don’t know why that happened. I never did anything with a guy before or since, but having a guy standing next to me with his dick hard and stroking a little just set me off too I guess.

    Can’t say it’s something I would seek out, but if the same happened again I’d still go for it. What does that make me? lol

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