Shaving the Soldier – Should you?

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Evidence for Genital Shaving exists throughout historyIs it really a dilemma? Do guys really think much about whether it’s good to shave or not? How much should you shave off and what should you use to do it?

The 70’s are long gone, unless you’re naturally bald down there, you need to pay attention!

Shaving the dick and balls is increasingly becoming a regular part of the modern guys grooming ritual. While ignored and left untouched for many years (just take a look at any porn movie from the 60’s or 70’s!) men have once again picked up the razor and tentatively started to rediscover this essential art.

Why is this?

It’s in no small part down to the efforts of manufacturers and advertising agencies. When the idea of “metro-sexual” came along, several companies jumped on the bandwagon the moment they saw that it was potentially here to stay as a lifestyle change.

Advertising went into overdrive with writers and columnists earning a fair bit creating content tying a specific product into the new focus of male grooming. When you read an article in a mens mag giving you tips on how to shave your nuts, chances are good that the author is recommending a product, and gaining a nice little sum for the privilege too.

But it’s not only advertising and marketing that has suddenly persuaded us into trimming the jungle. So here are some of the potential benefits of grooming your “Man bush”.

  • Size. Most men have a thing about size. While you may not be particularly interested in developing your dick with stretchers and exercises, we love the idea of having a bigger cock. It might not even be to try to impress anyone or because of any inadequacy, we just have a lustful relationship with our cock. Forget everyone else, making it look bigger pleases US! Trimming the bush around the base of the shaft makes your dick appear to be bigger, to you and anyone else who sees it. This is a fact.
  • Pride. Most of us take some pride in our appearance, and trimming/shaving down there boosts this self-image. If we think we look good from outside, we feel good in ourselves.
  • Cleanliness. It’s true that having less of a jungle down there makes less room for mess. Too much hair and it becomes basically untidy and difficult to manage. Imagine you’re in the throes of passion, lube and juices flying everywhere, tangling and knotting that shrubbery. Ewww!
  • Sensation. If you have ever shaved your balls you know how different it feels to the touch. Aside from it being more pleasing for anyone else, playing with your meat and two veg becomes more interesting when direct skin-to-skin contact can be made. I am an advocate of completely shaving the nuts. I think they look better with a clear view, they look more interesting when you can see every fold and crease of the scrotum. But they also feel better in your lubed-up hand.
  • Perception of others. While I cannot for the life of me find any definitive data or research on the subject, it certainly seems that the majority of people prefer to see a penis trimmed on top and shaved underneath. Having a look on various adult forums where this subject is discussed seems to indicate that light and neat trimming of the bush is preferred, with complete shaving of the scrotum and shaft. In addition to this, if a guy clearly shows an interest in maintaining this area, it suggests that they are more conscious of their body, more aware and more health-minded. This is obviously going to go in your favour with a partner.

Some tips

  • While many will recommend that you buy an electric hair trimmer for that main bush, it is not needed. A steady hand and a pair of small scissors will do just fine for trimming the main bush. While an electric trimmer might make it easier, consider if you really need one before spending money. Even with a trimmer, it takes practice and adjustment to get the look you feel suits your member. I find I have better results trimming with small scissors.
  • Never make a clear and straight line at the base of the dick where it meets your pubes. This is reminiscent of the bowl haircut and is comically known as the “Mr Spock” look. Likewise don’t get carried away and move further back than you want, it’ll look like a receding hairline! Watch out for the skin colour change; for many men the dick is a slightly different skin tone to the body, and if you trim too far back above your dick that lighter skin will look like a horizontal landing strip! This is even more difficult if you try to do this with a hard cock too. If you shave while you’re hard, when you’re soft that line won’t be in the same place. Trust me on this, you probably will get hard. I would always suggest avoiding the straight line by trimming small sections of hair away at an angle. You’re going for “naturally neat”, not a “Military Buzz Cut”
  • Always use a slightly blunted disposable razor on your balls. I cannot stress this enough. Many companies will try to sell the idea that you should always use a sharp, brand new razor. This is not true. The skin there is complicated. If you’re anything like me your scrotum is saggy and wrinkled, you don’t want to be catching any of those creases on a sharp-as-can-be blade! Stretch the skin so it’s taut, apply shaving gel and take small light strokes with a slightly blunted razor and you’ll stand a better chance of avoiding those nasty nicks.
  • Don’t forget the shaft. Most of us have wispy stray hairs that appear along the length of the dick. They are sporadic, but they can ruin the look if you forget one or two. They can sometimes even be found on the foreskin, especially for men over 30. You can go at this in two ways; either get yourself as hard as you can and go at the length of the shaft with the razor (never recommended!), or pluck at each one individually. Needless to say, EXTREME care should be taken if approaching your hard wang with anything sharp!
  • Backward strokes remove more hair. Take small and careful strokes against the natural growing direction of the hair and you’ll get a closer shave.
  • Repetition makes your style and look easier to maintain. If you only do it once every month, you’re more likely to miss a hair here and there. If you make it a part of your weekly routine (or even daily) you’ll gradually remove any stray hairs you didn’t notice.
  • It’s pointless doing this if you have a back like a gorilla. Lets face facts here, no one will care if your dick looks neat and appealing if you can produce enough static electricity with your back hair to stick the cat to the ceiling. Pay attention to the Perineum, your butt, your back and everything else too.
  • Moisturize the area completely after every single shave.
  • Get more advice if you are not sure. There are plenty of adult forums and networks on the internet, and they allow you to flash your bits to the world and get an opinion on just about anything. Don’t be shy, if you need an opinion and there is an audience who are more than happy to take a look, use the opportunity. It takes minutes to join a forum and post a pic, and within hours you can have a whole host of responses from men and women offering their opinion.


  • I’ve trimmed and shaved for years. I don’t know why any guy wouldn’t take a little pride in his manbush.

  • A lot of personal opinion here is presented as fact with some rather dubious and unsubstantiated conclusions drawn, now and then even straying perilously close to the offensive . On the basis of this article one might come away with the idea that men who choose not to shave or trim are dirty, unaware and uncaring of their own bodies, lacking in health considerations and all in all disgusting, unappealing creatures who no one would ever consider becoming sexually involved with. Apparently most people are in agreement with this view, though it is admitted there is no data to support this.

    Bearing all this in mind what man wouldn’t immediately rush for the razor to avoid social and sexual ostracisation?

    However, the reality is thankfully less cut – yes a pun – and dried – no pun that I can think of. Many people – both men and women – prefer the untrimmed, unshaved look and if perusal of websites and adult forums is to be given credence as a means of gauging opinion, there is no shortage of voices supporting this preference.

    It really is personal choice both for the dick owner and the dick fancier. If you want to shave or trim, do it. You may love it and if you do, embrace it with all your heart. But If you don’t want to shave or trim, or having tried it, don’t like it, then don’t be bullied into it by social pressure, scaremongering or the fear of being rejected or ridiculed.

    It seems sad and rather odd that a site which appears to support frank and open discussion of male sexual habits and interests and generally promotes diversity and freedom of opinion and practices should on this occasion speak with such a dogmatic and ungenerous voice. To be honest it reminded me of the many times I have seen unpleasant comments and diatribes against uncircumsised penises from the circumsised majority in the US. The term “Ewww!” is frequently used there.

    I might list the many reasons why I personally find the shaved penis and scrotum unappealing, but why would I do that when it doesn’t affect me? It’s none of my business what another guy chooses to do with his dick and certainly I won’t draw any negative character inferences from it.

    By all means provide practical advice for shaving techniques and practice and advocate for it as much as you want because it clearly is your preference and works wonderfully for you. But please don’t insist we all follow suit and agree with you. We don’t and nor do we appreciate being insulted because of it.

    I personally find underarm hair on a woman unappealing, but do I defend her right to keep it if she wants? Damn right I do. And do I think any less of her? No. In fact, part of me might be drawn to her – individuality and a refusal to run with the herd is pretty damn sexy.

    • I thank you for the comment. But I think you’re reading far too much into my rather flippant occasional remarks. I do not suggest that people who choose not to shave are dirty or unclean. I state that more hair = more potential for mess. This isn’t a personal attack against those who choose to maintain a considerable bush, it is a simple fact. I offered this remark as my opinion, as a writer that’s all I can do on this subject.
      It is always down to the individual to decide what is right for them, and no number of articles on the subject will change their own preferences, nor should such an article miraculously change their personal style.
      “I personally find underarm hair on a woman unappealing, but do I defend her right to keep it if she wants? Damn right I do. And do I think any less of her? No. In fact, part of me might be drawn to her – individuality and a refusal to run with the herd is pretty damn sexy.”
      Where have I suggested that I have any influence or control over what other men do with their pubic area? Did I suggest that those who want to be hairy should be lined up and shot? No. Again, you’re taking my article FAR too seriously by suggesting I would or could “prevent” any man from exercising his right to do whatever he likes with his body.

      This article was not an attack on individuality (if you knew me you would understand that I clearly appreciate individuality in every respect). It was a sometimes light-hearted guide for those who CHOOSE to trim.

      I hope you’ll stick around, perhaps we can debate some more when I publish an article with slightly more gravitas than hair trimming. Comments are always valued here, and I hope that men like yourself with something to say will become regular visitors.

  • Unless you make your bread and butter as a model or body builder I think men should remain naturally hairy. Trimming a little is okay, but shaving your pubes alltogether is way too odd in an adult male. Clean pubes are for babies and little boys

    I’m somewhat hairy. I did try trimming once and didn’t like it, same with testicles/scrotum, it felt very strange and almost uncomfortable without any hair. Is an individual choice, but I tried it and it’s not for me.

  • This article is very narrow-sighted, probably a quite self-centered guy wrote it, who thinks that his own likes are how things should be.
    I like hairy dicks, shaved dicks are a joke.

    • It’s all opinion though, isn’t it? We can all write blog posts about all kinds of subjects, someone might think they are right, and others are wrong, but when it comes to things like this it is all about personal preference.

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