Auto Fellatio


Auto Fellatio (or self sucking) is the act of the male performing oral sex on himself.

Contrary to modern myths, this activity is relatively widespread, with many millions of men around the world believed to be able to achieve this act to varying degrees. It exists throughout history, with graphic depictions existing from as far back as the Egyptian civilization.

Also contrary to popular belief, a guy does not have to be bisexual or homosexual to engage in this activity. If you are heterosexual and you are honest with yourself, you will recognize that if you could perform this activity, you probably would, wouldn’t you?

For many men this activity remains a dream or a fantasy. But for a minority, it is a regularly practiced masturbatory activity.

Some men can just about lick the tip of their penis, while others can quite easily slide several inches, or indeed the entire shaft, into their mouths. There is no evidence to suggest that a minimum penis length is required (though the longer your penis the more successful the activity), but there is great evidence that good flexibility is an absolute necessity.

While many men have been able to achieve this since adolescence, there are also many instances where adult men have learned to practice this activity over time, through the use of stretching and yoga practices.
Likewise, there are many men who could perform this activity but can no longer find such flexibility.
One wonders just how they allowed such an ability to fade!

One thought on “Auto Fellatio

  • If I could do this I would NEVER leave the house.
    Next you should write about how to use Yoga to get to this. I’ll be taking notes. 🙂

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